Air Oasis Air Purifier History

The Filterless Air Purifier Based on NASA Technology

Unlike a lot of air purifiers an Air Oasis air purifier is not equipped with a HEPA replaceable filter. These air purifiers are based on NASA technology.

Air Oasis Air Purifier History

Air Oasis is an all American corporation, owned by Oasis Enterprises of Jon Bennart and Dr. Jeff Bennart. And is located in Amarillo, Texas.

They’re an established air purifier brand since the Air Oasis 3000 was distributed back in 2002. Since that year they had seen some changes like the introduction of their Advanced Hydrated Photo Catalytic Oxidation(AHCPO) Cell, the release of other models like the Air Oasis 1000 and some smaller models. More models followed their already popular existing ones, on top of that they introduced their Proprietary Nano Nickel HCT Catalyst.

They had to move into bigger buildings a couple of times and went from selling US only to a world wide sold brand.

How Does Air Oasis AHPCO Technology Work

The inhouse developed AHPCO Cell has a 254 nm UVC bulb to it, as with any UV lamp it sends out rays of UV(Ultra Violet) light. The light rays send out by this lamp destroy the germs that pass through them.


Catalytic molecules are produced by the light from the lamp reacting with the Nano Nickel HCT Catalyst. These molecules destroy gasses and odors such as VOC’s and cigarette smoke as well as airborne particles like hair, dust, dander and pollen.

Energy Safe Air Purifying Solution

As this technology doesn’t need a filter which has to be replaced, a pre filter to be cleaned the maintenance costs are lower because of the items mentioned above which has to be replaced on a regular bases which means buying extra filters for as long as you plan to use them.

These filters are to be replaced about once a few months till once every 9 to 12 months depending on the type of filter you have. Non of this goes for an Air Oasis Air Purifier.

Without an electric fan in these air purifiers to draw the particles and gases in to the machine and through a filter your electricity bill will be lower as well. There is a small fan to transport the ions.

These air purifiers should be better at cleaning the air around you compared to a HEPA filter because of the technology used. Although original being invented by NASA this technology is better in removing odors and gasses from the air than a HEPA filter, but for removing airborne particles from the air nothing beats a HEPA filter.

Air Oasis Models

Air Oasis air purifiers are available in a broad range to choose from which range from devices for spaces as small as the inside of your car, to a room inside your house, to whole house solutions, to commercial solutions.

Air Oasis Air Purifier Reviews

As you can see they have a device for about all kind of area’s you could need to purify the air in. These devices are available from 199 to 750 USD. What value does this money bring you? For an answer to this and more questions we provide you with honest reviews.

Models available from Air Oasis are:

Air Oasis Mobile 175

Air Oasis Mobile 250

Air Oasis 1000

Air Oasis 3000

Air Oasis 3000 Xtreme

Air Oasis 5000

Air Oasis Nano HCT-6

Air Oasis Nano HCT-9

Air Oasis Nano HCT14